In a dark small space in Ashdod, Israel (previously an AC store with plaster niches), Keren Rozner in collaboration with Dana Shaked have designed a white magical yogurt bar. The first step in the conversion process was to remove all niches and wall covers and to divide the space according to a yogurt bar program. The project was designed to include a small kitchen, large counter with service area, spacious eating and seating spaces. This yogurt bar tells a story which guides the entire customer experience and therefore it was important for the designer to create a unique visual language.

Yogurt represents white and as such the design style contains a wide white space enhanced by special lighting. Right from the noisy busy street, guests enter the yogurt bar through the green grass surface combined with wood planters and white furniture. The only colorful element inside is the kitchen glass wall that was painted in a new and unique graphic style. Two bubbly swings are hanged on top of the concrete floor, inspiring a harmonious and calm atmosphere. [Information provided via e-mail by Dana Shaked; Photography: Tomer Rubens]