Designing for a small space is becoming more and more accessible, as practical solutions emerge without compromising in aesthetics. Sofista is a modular sofa, perfect for integrating in convertible living rooms. Consisting of three units- an armchair, a chaise-lounge and a sofa for two, the project is extremely functional. Its minimalist, stylish look and neutral color makes it easily adaptable to a variety of contemporary interiors, from small apartments to large houses and even public spaces.

The best thing about this design is that it doesn’t require a lot of time nor special skills to maneuver: simply slide the pieces from below the main unit and get new home furniture in seconds. True to the principle “less is more”, the concept behind this design appealed to us and we hope you will find it inspiring as well. The three-seater sofa is available in a variety of color combinations and can be purchased online for  1210.00. How would you comment on this project? Would you consider having it in your home?