What you are about to visualize is the architecture and interior design of one of Washington State’s most energy efficient homes. Occupying 252 square meters in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, the home that came to be know as Park Passive House was designed by Marie Ljubojevic and Lauren McCunney of NK Architects and built by Sloan Ritchie of Cascade Built. Showcasing an eye-catching facade, the geometric house spreading over 2,710 square feet cleverly hides its eco-friendliness behind a modern luxury appearance.

Although occupying a compact urban infill lot (just 2,000 square feet), the passive house shelters owners in a collection of spaces where the average indoor air temperature of 70 degrees is easily maintained by “opening and closing its Intus high performance windows and doors in summer and using the heat recovery ventilator when it’s colder.” Thanks to photographer Aaron Leitz, details shaping this modern home in Seattle offer inspiration and an infectious joyfulness. Seattle’s first certified Passive House has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a day lit open stairwell with punctuated views to the street as its spine. Encouraging vertical living, this light-flooded urban family home  is a heaven for its four members.

According to the architects, other media helped this house become a dream home: ” a salvaged site tree was used for stair treads, wall paneling, and a live-edge bathroom counter top. Other sustainable features include heat pump hot water, zero VOC finishes, a heat recovery ventilator, high performance windows, 16-inches of insulation in the walls and 20+ inches in the lid, and wiring for solar. Luxurious aspects include a Liebherr refrigerator, induction cook top, custom cabinetry, Teregren bamboo strand flooring, and a roof deck with panoramic views of the lake and nearby mountains.”

Apparently, “Park Passive demonstrates that luxury and sustainability can co-exist.”

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