When you think about Scandinavian apartment interior design, you might get a picture of a minimalist space where white and light play a huge role. This bright and cheery two bedroom apartment seen on HusmanHagberg enhances that idea while adding a warmer tone to the overall appearance through carefully chosen patterns and textures. Spreading over 936 square feet of bright spaces, this Stockholm apartment oozes modern Scandinavian design from every corner. The open living space also shelters the kitchen and dining space, creating an inviting place where the retained color palette and functional furniture build up to an elegant aesthetic.

The two bedroom apartment in Stockholm is perfect for a small family. Reinforcing the coolness of the white space, pillows and fur throws create a welcoming environment during winter. The open concept layout invites bright natural light while the dark glossy floor reflects it to induce a feeling of coolness. Large windows extend sight lines far beyond the apartment’s walls and invite you on the cozy terrace for some fresh, frisk air. On the other hand, the private spaces invite to relaxation and sleep. Inside the master bedroom, you find a perfect comfort space under the window and a queen size bed. The kids room shelters a crib under a net that instantly sparks up a picture-perfect family lifestyle.

What’s your favorite detail you stumbled upon in this wonderful family apartment?