When your home is known as the “Catch The Views House “, the sheer joy of living each day overlooking unique panoramic landscapes can be enough to motivate you in the morning. And when your home is located in Chile’s Valparaíso Region, Zapallar to be specific, the place itself presents a paradise-like facet to the blessed owners. Spreading over 593 square meters, the minimalist house was imagined by LAND Arquitectos as a platform for capturing and framing surrounding panoramas and sea views. Architects explain how the client’s brief was executed with their best interest in mind: “To achieve this initial objective, plus considering the strong slope of the site, we arrange and stacked one above the other a set of volumes directed to the selected views from a previous view-shed study. Arranging the interior and exterior program in relation with sunlight and wind exposure, and interconnection of the spaces.”

Easily constructed with the help of prefabricated concrete panels that also help with insulation, the Catch The Views House is prepared to face any conditions in its locations thanks to a careful selection of building materials. Thanks to photos by Sergio Pirrone, the Catch the Views House unveils its simplicity and transparency space after space, picture after picture. A house with views like that doesn’t even need any other details to distract you from the ever-changing spectacle outside. Two stacked volumes shaping its architecture express a mirroring of the natural stacking of stones seen all around, colors chosen complete the scenery and glass walls create a permanent visual connection to the sea – what more could you want?

Really, what would you add?