Casa Quebrada in Curacaví, Santiago de Chile was envisioned and implemented by UNarquitectura and showcases a high level of originality. Located on the creek, elevated by pillars, the uncommon retreat is accessible through a bridge and has views at the level of the foliage of plants. The house “breaks” adapting to the slope and differentiating the private and public space within a single enclosure. Its picturesque location offers plenty of privacy, inviting its inhabitants to experience raw nature while in their comfort zone.

It is impossible not to instantly fall for the design of this adult tree-house comprising of more than enough facilities for a modern way of living. Its simple white color palette and arrangements redirect focus towards the infinite beauty outdoors. Wooden furniture and frames together with a central rustic carpet increase the welcoming factor. During warm days, an entire glass wall can be retracted, exposing the crib to the forest breeze. Would you personally consider living in a home like this?