Creativity and courage go hand in hand and when I say that I’m thinking about Benedetto Bufalino’s surprising transformation of a Seat Ibiza Sedan into a welcoming Jacuzzi. Perfect for outdoor days when all you can think about is relaxation, this impressive transformation is French artist Benedetto Bufalino‘s way of dealing with summer heat. Removing the roof and windows for full-fledged sunbathing, the artist created a functional and creative Jacuzzi by modifying the car’s shell to fit all components necessary to enjoy daytime and nightime bathing.

Finding solutions to the problems they face, brilliant artists can change the course of our lives or at least out perspective. Everyone who sees this Seat Ibiza Sedan turned into a Jacuzzi will have at least a topic to talk about to friends, not to mention the urge to transform a car into a bathing opportunity.

A party on wheels, this Jacuzzi car is definitely something you’d want parked in the backyard.