2 Oaks House was imagined as a home that would comprise both a contemporary comfort level and a platform for integrating the two existing oak trees on the property. The modern home rises in a residential area near Sofia, Bulgaria and spreads over 475 square meters. Indoors and outdoors melt in an easily customizable environment connected via glass walls and doors. Ostrev Baylov Ignatov Architects (OBIA) explain the concept behind creating both a respectful environment and one that creates a central theme concentrated around the oak trees: “The trees create a natural micro-climate and function as a living element in the composition. The accent in the design concept was defining the space around them. On one hand the house has to be wide-open towards the tree crowns and the yard and on the other was the desire to emphasize on a certain shell or an envelope – explicit and yet very light and airy…, like a paper. Thus appeared the leading concept – taking the „paper theme” with the inherent property of folding.”

High energy-efficient and featuring indoor climate control, this house integrating trees induces the need for a U-shaped ground floor sheltering the living room, dining space and kitchen, all opening towards the yard. The master bedroom and two additional bedrooms upstairs, alongside a small office space make up the upper level hidden between the tree’s crown. And the details shared by the architects make it not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly: “The house has a full control building automation system allowing the user to manage from distance all parameters of the building systems as well as drawing statistics of the way the house and its energy is used over time.”

Would you exchange your current home for this one?