In search for the ultimate dining experience, location might not be everything, but details sure are. Restaurant Alpenblick overlooking the amazingly inspiring Alps in Switzerland was re-imagined by Büning-Pfaue Kartmann Architekten as having a modern update elongating the views beyond the glass walls. Located in Uetendorf, Switzerland, this contemporary restaurant addition was built to serve the old hotel spa “Alpine View” and create both an appealing dining space and a connection to the unique surrounding landscape: “With the expansion of existing facilities for disabled residents audience, the old buildings were transformed into more recent residencies, workshops, stables and sheds. This set of loose volumes, grouped around a landscaped courtyard, no longer oriented towards the surrounding landscape.”

Architects had to re-imagine a minimalist dining space oriented towards the astounding views: “We positioned the new pavilion at the apex of the hillside and the upper end of the ramp – from the front of the main building and the nursery greenhouses. Here, on the threshold of the courtyard, visitors enjoy superlative of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains and of the nearby peaks.” Photographed by Ruedi Walti, the new 420 square meter restaurant addition had to be kept separate yet fully connected. Architects managed to transform the compact space into a modern restaurant boasting an irregular geometry oriented towards the mountains, in harmony with the surroundings.