When developing the design plans for Matatena Headquarters (a creative drawing association based in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico), Desnivel Architects aimed at creating an environment that was not office-like, yet not too formal either. In order to extend space, the owner had the idea of using a mix of wood and concrete, in combination with white plastered walls. Going with a double-height working room also helped with the scale of the project. A beautiful chaka tree was employed as the focal point of the scheme. This tree brings life into the space, thus overcoming the sober feel inspired by concrete.

The resulting program (occupying a total surface of 206 square meters) consists of four working zones, service area, reception, boardroom, kitchen and two bathrooms. Work here is generated in a relaxed but professional environment and a cafe was a perfect logical addition to exemplify the vision of the company. This place pays tribute to relaxation, but also functions as a hanging out spot for brainstorming ideas. What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks of working in an office like this ? [Photography: Ricardo López]