An Amsterdam building complex built back in 1925 in the city’s Amsterdam-Zuid area hides a memorable family home design.  Dutch design studio DenOlderVleugels helped a family find the perfect Amsterdam apartment and design it for an open and modern family lifestyle. Dutch people are well-known for their preference for transparency and this admirable trait can be found throughout the 300 sqm apartment. The modern family apartment in Amsterdam induces a sense of spaciousness with its collection of steel and glass partitions on the living room level and throughout the floors.

The third floor was actually an attic used to hide people during the second world war and was now incorporated in the new design. Photographed by Michael van Oosten, the exclusive interiors showcase details like the old masonry kitchen wall kept as a reminder of the old building or the large staircase piercing the space with light and transforming it into a vertical modern palace. Glass railings with dark frames, grated walkways and artificial light keep the staircase open and bright.

The kitchen is the heart of the home in many ways. Entertaining possibilities are more attractive within an open space and this kitchen has a visual relationship with all spaces on this level. A neutral color palette was used to define, add dimension and style to the old apartment. Every angle surprises the intricate visual relationship between spaces and documents the exemplary use of modern materials to create a dynamic design.