Rising on a hilltop in the Barton Hills neighborhood of Austin, Texas, this modern new home by A Parallel Architecture spreads over 2,700 square feet. Overlooking downtown and South Austin from the expansive upstairs bedroom terrace as well as different vantage points throughout, the newly built residence offers a contemporary suite of living, entertaining and private spaces behind its bright yellow front door. Wood, concrete, steel and glass were employed as allies in the fight to balance natural resources available with comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces.

The architects describe the home as an amazing place to live a healthy, comfortable and grateful life:  “A half-sunken concrete garage creates a plinth for the wood and glass home to perch above, maintaining a scale and character consistent with the mid-century-modern neighborhood. An open-plan living space enjoys the distant views as well as private courtyard views to the rear, reinforcing the indoor/outdoor character that the clients’ lifestyle demands. A second story master suite opens onto a large roof deck that further embraces the vista and creates a flexible outdoor living space. Passive green-building strategies and energy-efficient specifications ensure a low-impact, low-maintenance structure.”

Those of you who had a modern new home built know the feeling. We’d love you to share it with us – how does building your dream home feel?