The Flying Wave Armchair from å studio was especially designed to reflect the undulation of the ocean and give rhythm to a variety of modern spaces. Assembled or dissociated, this nonchalant and elegant piece of furniture allows the user to come up with different configurations, according to his or her needs. “Let yourself be rocked by daydreams and propose an undulation as if it was an ideal !” suggested designer Alexandre Peutin, warmly inviting potential users to try out this innovative project.

Linked in a visual equilibrium, the metalwork and red tapestry create a powerful mix, one that is very difficult not to spot when integrated in an interior design scheme. In other words, Flying Wave Armchair is likely to become the focal point of a living area, be it at home or in an office space. As you can see in the photos below, the furniture piece can be considered as a good alternative for a sofa, as two people or more can comfortably rest in it. [Information provided via e-mail by å Studio; Photography: Pierres Gilles Lombard and MezzoGrafik ]