This gated community home rests in a blessed neighborhood south of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Built to address the needs of a modern family, the home known as Casa Ceolin was imagined by AT Arquitetura with a linear layout which enhances the connection between indoors and outdoors. A natural stone walls runs the length of the 280 sqm house, shaping an organized floor plan:  living areas face north while the utilities face south. According to its architects, the gated community home in Brazil “explores different ways and possibilities to connect the house to the plot and surrounding views, explores connections between living areas and courtyards, living areas to the lake view from the backyard.” In a hot climate zone, this home is like an oasis – a visually appealing indoor-outdoor residence connecting the social and private living areas inside to the enormity of the blissful outdoors.

The single family residence shelters the social living areas on the ground floor, while upstairs it unravels a a collection of private spaces – two bedrooms and a family room – seen through breezy curtains. In photos by Marcelo Donadussi we can distinguish the attention to details defining the architect’s work: “In the entrance open car porch a Cobogó wall– a hollowed structural white ceramic element wall – separates it from an inner courtyard where a small and delicate ipê amarelo tree (tabebuia alba) completes a scales of privacy filters from the semi private street to the living and dinning areas.”

With a green roof guiding rainwater towards the lake while providing good insulation, this dreamy single family residence in a gated community proves that comfort can by shaped by needs and vision.