This modern Possum Kingdom Lake home by interior designer Tracy Hardenburg is filled with light, welcoming and refreshing. Expressing the owner’s personalities through the interiors she creates, Tracy discovered the potential of this Possum Kingdom Lake home and worked to make the family’s dream come true. Photographed by Pär Bengtsson, the home imagined by an interior design with more than twenty years of residential experience is welcoming and vibrant.

Rich wooden textures were combined with a soft color palette in the main living spaces, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. Wooden beams define a vaulted ceiling adorned with a sleek contemporary chandelier. Bold design lines meet dark and light colors to create a sophisticated ambiance. The wonderful glass furniture that brightens up the spaces was done in collaboration with Dallas-based Mister Glass. Alongside carefully chosen details you will see in the photos, they upgrade the level of sophistication and transparency ensuring an inviting home.

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