Known for its hand-crafted, high performance kitchens, Henrybuilt has recently launched a new line of drawer accessories. The line is illustrative of the company’s focus on the integration of function, beauty, craft and durability all coming together in a particular way to create a great living experience. The hand-crafted accessories extend the warm, tactile feeling of Henrybuilt’s system into the interior, where users interact with the system most. The new pieces are designed to optimize space, bringing efficient storage and movement into the kitchen work area.

The accessory system includes a solid wood cutting board, two knife-storage options, flatware storage, large utensil storage, spice storage, as well as a reconfigurable divider system made from Paperstone and solid surface acrylic – held together magnetically. According to the press release we received, Henrybuilt clients are to receive a core group of accessories with the purchase of a new kitchen developed by the company. We appreciate the stylish look of these tools and are curious to find out your own thoughts and ideas! Would you personally enjoy having them around in your kitchen?  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Henrybuilt]