Hamersley Road Residence is the result of converting an early 1900?s Australian workers cottage into a contemporary and practical family home. Despite being untouched for over 90 years, the existing building was rescued and rejuvenated by the creative team at Studio 53. The most striking element regarding this house design is a yellow ‘box’-shaped volume, gently placed on top of the ground floor behind the gable of the existing home. This distinctive element was wrapped in a perforated screen to shade and protect living spaces from the sun.

Here is more from the architects describing the unconventional addition: “The conception of the box is integral to the design of this house. Internally, the box is its own zone; bedrooms, bathroom and play room for the children. Externally the box defines the character of the extension, highlighting the change from existing house to contemporary home in a sympathetic but contrasting manner”. The intricately patterned screen enveloping the box on all sides offers a high level of privacy, but also opportunities for passive surveillance of the street. A perfect indoor-outdoor connection can be observed throughout the residence and each interior has its own vivid personality. How do you appreciate the outcome of this modern restoration project? [Photography by Christian Sprogoe and Chris Maher]