Rising north-west of Ljubljana, in Škofja Loka, this single family house exemplifies creativity under pressure. Three stories high, the modern single-family house showcases a smart floor-plan spreading over a compact 33 square meters footprint on a sloped site and reaching up to find more space. Imagined by 3biro Architects for a young family with small children, the cozy home has a large open double-height living area downstairs and a connected kitchen.

Photographed by Miran Kambi?, the single-family house shelters the working area on the lowest floor, where the father has his office space. This space is also where children hang out after school. It connects to the outdoors where the large overhang allows kids to play outside regardless of weather conditions and the dad can keep an eye on them. The highest floor was reserved for private areas, extending the awareness of the outdoors in close proximity and inviting the family outside. Using reinforced concrete to shape the basement and a combination of timber frames and cross-laminated timber to design the upper floors, architects dressed the home with a protective corrugated fiber-cement sheets.

The overall appeal reinforces a warm, family atmosphere while the home prides itself with a timber exterior that embeds it into the surroundings. How do you find it?