Located in the outskirts of Winchester, United Kingdom, Kilham House was once a common looking building with a confusing layout. AR Design Studio came up with the idea for a modern extension that gives the crib (now entitled “The Runners House“) a distinctive look and feel: “A grand, double-height entrance guides you into the building, immediately bringing you into the heart of the home which has now been become the main living space for the family. A large expanse of sliding glazing gives views into the garden, allowing the three children to run wild whilst the parents can relax in the central space and still keep a watchful eye”.

The central timber form connects the two wings of the project, while ensuring an interesting access path towards the garden. A large concrete plinth that steps down to the courtyard creates a place to relax and dine outdoors. The interiors are minimalist, yet welcoming, exuding a powerful connection to the outdoors. A central staircase with eye-catching steel wires around it separates the space between the kitchen, dining and living areas. Foscarini’s Gregg pendant lights add up to the to overall feeling of space. [Photography: Martin Gardner]