Farinelli Construction‘s custom residential project Street of Dreams 2014 is one of the most welcoming contemporary cribs we’ve seen lately. Its classic exterior and timeless finishes act as an open invite to exploring the property further. The five-bedroom home was created with an Eco-Friendly, Holistic mindset. The brick throughout the house is reclaimed antique cobble stone cut for interior walls, floors and ceiling details while the remaining core was used for the exterior walkways. A fresh herb garden completes the fresh look.

Some interesting details were highlighted by the project developers. An Eco-Friendly approach can be seen in the sun tunnel skylight in the home office. The floor in the master shower is made from natural pebble stone. A few other unique features are the stain glass and leaded glass transoms, brick floors in the mud room, open wood trusses with turn buckle hardware in the study and mahogany porch ceilings. Enjoy the photo gallery below and tell us if you find this place as inviting as we do! [Information provided via e-mail by Farinelli Construction; Photo credits: Andy Warren Photography]