This Okanagan Lakeshore Home showcases plenty of details helpful in your search for the perfectly mixed design. Spreading over 7,572 square feet on a 0.62 acre property, the fascinating home in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada, could become your homes since it’s for sale, but it can also bring some magical inspiration for your actual home. According to the listing agents at Berg Homes, the property available for almost $8, 300,000 has an amazing mix of features: “Probably the finest lake shore home in the Okanagan, definitely the most unique. You cannot replicate this home regardless of your budget. The proximity to the lake, boat house bar, extensive boardwalk and dock structure are all grandfathered and cannot be duplicated due to laws governing the lake shore.” 

An amazing interior plus a beautiful set of special features designed by designer Paul Nesbitt help the outdoors connect to the owner’s daily life: the fantastic dock, a boat house bar and an extensive boardwalk. In perfect balance with its surrounding, the 6 bedroom and 6 1/2 bathroom lakeshore home celebrates the surroundings by exhibiting a nautical theme. Perfect for entertaining either small gatherings or even up to 150 guests, this stunning property is nestled in Jasmine’s Cove and shares the dynamic nature of water sports practiced nearby as well as the peace infused by the designer’s carefully polished interior design.

Details make this place special – which detail caught your attention?