This three-storey residence located in Seaside, Florida was conceived by NYC architect Alexander Gorlin to be his personal haven. Similar to Corbusier’s rebellions, Gorlin’s iconic gesture is an ongoing comment about the emptiness of blindly mimicking historic styles while at the same time corroborating the strengths of Seaside’s Traditional New Urban Plan. Conscientiously constructed and meticulously maintained, “Stairway to Heaven” is said to be one of the sturdiest and most precisely constructed buildings on the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

Thoughtfully detailed, the house was principally built with stucco on reinforced concrete, steel, glass and stone. The first floor is comprised of one large and one intimate room that share a bath and convenience bar. The spaces can easily be transformed to accommodate various functions and needs. The entire north wall of the first floor was recently painted in situ with an original work by Justin Lyons. Red oak floors anchor the primary living areas on the second level.

The curved wall off the dining space seamlessly conceals the mirrored and tiled powder room. Structurally intriguing, the oak and walled spiral stair leads to the third level bedroom suite which is also comprised of an organic bath, nautilus sunlit shower and private glass wall balcony which overlooks the Lyceum, Seaside, WaterColor and the Gulf of Mexico. From the suite, the meditative single ascent takes you to the dramatic release of the roof terrace. From this lofty perch, incredible moonlit and sunset views of the town, landscape, water and sky are a continuous delight. For the adventurous extrovert, one more trek will take you to the top of the walk where there just may be a glimpse of heaven. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Craig Baranowski on behalf of Team Baranowski Real Estate]