Susie Cohen of Made by Cohen takes on just a handful of projects each year, allowing herself to be creative instead of overworked. We just presented one of her works – this cozy private residence – and now it’s time to dive deeper into her magnificent universe with another stunning interior design project: the Windsor Warehouse Residence. This is actually the home she purchased after having her first child and it seems immersed in comfort and dripping coziness all over. A great accent placed on simplicity and grace led the designer’s eye for detail towards a career in this field of interior design with her own home as the first project – a complete warehouse transformation.

This collection of spaces exudes a natural feeling of belonging, even if its history as a warehouse was not that inviting. Partitioning the space according to needs, the designer’s home showcases a celebration of life and family within a creative space. Photographed by Shannon McGrath, social and private residential space in this home sustain a warm and inviting family life. A creative outlet for the designer’s idea of simplicity and timeless comfort, the Windsor Warehouse showcases just a handful of furnishings, applying the decorator’s love for a fluid design process within her own living environment.

And what better way to stay connected to your beliefs than by embedding them into your work, your personal life and your vision of the future?