Acapulco House is a modern two-storey private residence located in Guarujá, Brazil and designed by FCstudio. The imposing residence is made up of six squares grouped in pairs. Within this compositional rule, two subtractions were made at opposite sides to form two venues: the garage in the front and the social area behind. According to the architects, “the logic of the regular squares greatly facilitated the mathematical calculations and the structural performance of the house, because the same constructive procedure could be adopted for the entire building.” The distances between pillars are almost the same and there are no structural transitions between the main and upper floor.

Transparency was a key element to consider when planning this imposing project. As you can observe, the courtyard facade was almost entirely envisioned in glass. Only one discontinuity happens and this corresponds to the stairs that lead to the second floor. The entire upper level (consisting of four suits) represents the private areas, outlined in the project by a bold green color. The entrance hallway is probably the most spectacular part of the design scheme, with a water feature under the stairs for air humidity during days of intense heat. [Photography by Marcelo Scandaroli]