This minimalist holiday house completed in 2013 by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte in Ayent, Switzerland has an interesting history behind. Back in 1882, its location in the middle of the fields made it perfect for housing during the pasture season. In 1980, the addition of a floor and the roof work converted the barn into a holiday escape. The architects at Savioz Fabrizzi further enhanced its design: “Our new intervention reveals the history of this building by showing all the materials used for the façade over the years. The original stones, the bricks added in the eighties and the contemporary concrete modifications are disclosed and a dark painting makes all these raw textures uniform. The grey shades of the inner materials reinforce the framings and contrast with the landscape.

Savioz House displays a rather austere exterior, but the emphasis on the surroundings makes this a welcoming bohemian retreat: “Far from the smooth appearance of some holiday chalets, the facade treatment reminds the functional aspect of the ancient barn, rather rudimentary than aesthetic.” All interiors are highly minimalist, with extensive use of wood compensating for the lack of detailing. Large windows open up the spaces towards the great views, making every morning spent here memorable. [Photos by Thomas Jantscher]