Spanish artist Maximo Riera‘s extravagant and almost surreal furniture pieces makes us constantly wonder what the designer will come up with next. After his former hits Walrus Chair, Rhino Chair, Octopus Chair and Elefant Chair (featured on Freshome a while back), the Hippopotamus Chair adds up to the line of majestic seating units. Just like  the rest of the animal pieces envisioned by Riera, this creation seems to baffle the mind with its impressive volume and accurate detailing.

Here is a statement from Maximo Riera regarding his latest work: “The Hippopotamus is a semiaquatic herbivore mammal, peculiar for its barrel-shaped torso, and is one of the most aggressive and unpredictable creatures in the world. For this design, its tremendous size and volume has been preserved, evading any sections or partitions along its body, in order to accomplish an entire life-size piece. The seat was mounted on top of the animal’s upper body, having two different hemispheres, one is functional and the other creates the illusion of the animal’s imposing presence.” The price tag for this extravagant chair? $95,000. What are your thoughts on Maximo Riera’s latest design?