Ekaterina Panikanova uses old books, school magazines and posters from different eras found in flea markets to create original works of art. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the artist currently lives in Rome, Italy, where she displays her work. The book paintings below were included in Panikanova’s second ever solo exhibition Un, due, tre, fuoco presented at z2o Galleria earlier this year. The designs are said to evoke the world of childhood, in a constant effort to find the deepest and most intimate feelings of the human being.

The strength of a pictorial black contrasts the yellowed pages of old books, creating an intense visual experience: “Ekaterina Panikanova intervenes with signs controlled and uncontrolled building a dense web of symbols and cultural archetypes that become one with the background, until the negation of the forms absorbed by the absolute black, as the title evokes, is what remains after the fire”. Enjoy the virtual exhibition and please let us know your thoughts regarding these unconventional art installations!