Another Studio shared photos and information regarding The Convert Vase collection, a trio of architecturally inspired geometric vessels, each constructed from a single sheet of stainless steel. The sheet is folded and shaped by hand in order to create a cylindrical structure. The steel has a semi-matte finish with patterns embossed into the surface to create a soft tactile aesthetic from an otherwise hard industrial material. Clever locking and folding techniques were used to shape each sheet of steel without using adhesives or soldering. This carefully engineered process creates a hand crafted design that is lightweight yet robust in structure.

The Convert Vase collection was influenced by a diverse selection of London architecture ranging from the concrete brutalism of The National Theatre to the sleek Bermondsey Square Bicycle Station and the robust surface of One Coleman Street. Each vessel includes a plastic container inside to hold water and flowers and comes in protective sleek black packaging. Prices range from £30 (for the small model) to £48  (the largest of the three). [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Another Studio]