Kaohsiung city, Taiwan is the home of this 92 square meter bachelor’s apartment inspired by traveling and exuding a charming industrial feel. The idea  for this unusual combination belongs to House Design studio, who adapted the crib to the living needs of a single 30-year-old engineer: “After the client doing a lot of research, he came to us and hoped to have a home with natural cement-based environment for him to relax in after long working days. During construction, he had to keep his parents from knowing the truth that we applied cement finish to walls since normally senior people think of cement-finish house as unfinished house“. Construction site was always locked to avoid his parents’ visiting.

The design scheme is packed with original elements: a suitcase board was employed for drawers and a metal mini-bar was considered the proper choice for dining. Steel bars were applied to the shelving units to avoid heaviness in the study room. A glass see-through shelf inspires lightness in the living area. What we like best about this Taiwan apartment is how the designers creatively combined a variety of materials and textures, without the place feeling cluttered. Enjoy the photos below and tell us what decorating ideas you like best!  [Information provided via e-mail by House Design studio; Photography: Hey! Cheese]