Defining an admirable way of enjoying architecture on a personal level, Italy-based art historian and architectural stone carver Matthew Simmonds created a collection of stunning miniatures depicting architectural details. Working with stone or marble in some cases, the artist imagined a world of tranquility and stillness encapsulated in stone. His experience in restoration projects, his talent and ongoing work led to these intricate small scale sculptures. Large blocks of stone and marble were carefully chiseled to shape arches, columns, vaults or stairs.

Matthew Simmonds worked on the restoration of Westminster Abbey and Ely Cathedral in the UK and his expertise, skills and dreams all collided into the creation of these enticing miniature spaces. Light and shadow play with perception, while the British sculptor living in Italy chisels away on yet another detail. The mini-sculptures have a way of offering different perspectives and isn’t that the ultimate goal of art? Vaulted spaces, Gothic passageways, or hidden landscapes make their presence known as part of the artist’s natural inclination of imagining these miniature spaces inspired by architectural structures like baroque basilicas and Ancient Roman temples.

Can you imagine displaying one of these beauties under the spotlight in your own home?