There is a home on Orcas Island in the Washington State that was a dream for its owner for over 50 years. Built by Gary Gladwish Architecture, the Eagle Ridge residence surprising a modern lifestyle within a natural landscape was dreamed of, imagined and portrayed a million ways before it ended up shaping the owner’s daily life. Architects reminisce on what the inhabitant’s journey led her to finally indulge in the home of her dreams: “54 years ago she visited Orcas Island for the first time and decided that one day she would live there. 40 years passed before she saw it again and purchased a forested piece of land on a hillside populated with madrone trees, firs, beech, thistle, moss and rocks with magnificent views to the west.Throughout her life rocks, nature and landscape played an important role in her artwork. It was this attraction that convinced her that this was the perfect site for her.”

This influence is clearly seen in the way the interior courtyard provokesthe senses and the imagination with a manicured representation of its defining elements. Needing “an open, simple, low maintenance design”, the owner was presented with a fabulous simplicity encompassing the best panoramas of the surrounding forested island. Old barn wood, rusty steel, moss and rocks were all employed to shape the perfectly customized dream home for an artistic soul. Prepared for an easy lifestyle earned during the years, the home’s simple and effective open floor plan photographed by Will Austin brings together a kitchen-dining-living area, study, master suite, a 8000 square feet art studio and storage area that can be transformed into additional bedrooms if needed. This home design for the elderly includes the simplicity of a floor plan that unites indoor and outdoor.

The place where this wonderful home was built also shelters other noteworthy homes like the Orcas Island Retreat or this compact Cabin-Shaped Home. Which one would you prefer?