Ganna Design Studio completed Overlap, an original apartment especially envisioned for a young couple in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Both of the owners are massive collectors: while the man of the house likes to gather miniatures and toys, the lady collects objects from her traveling adventures. Instead of living in a home with a powerful modern design style, the owners opted for a cafe-like atmosphere, where to enjoy drinks casually and browse the Internet from the comfort of their own crib.

The industrial style is very popular in Taiwan nowadays, which is why the project developers opted for exposed black pipes on the ceiling. Moreover, the owners are fond of the Japanese spirit and features, which led to a fresh and comfortable approach and an onerall feeling of space. No matter how you look at it, the display cabinet acts as the focal point of the apartment. It is here that the toys, miniatures and souvenirs are  proudly showcased. Another interesting furniture piece is the long table in the living room measuring 440 centimeters, perfect for having visitors over. See any other interior ideas you find interesting? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Ganna Design Studio]