Interior design company injy ID sent us details about a flexible holiday apartment recently completed in Brazil. This modern crib is used only on weekends and vacations (the owners live on another State). It has the peculiarity to belong to two different families with children that will use it alternatively or simultaneously. The home-theater room is the social core of the apartment and integrates a gourmet kitchen and dinner area. The TV, fixed on a perpendicular board can be well seen from every angle of this huge living. All the electronic devices were hidden inside the low sideboard.

The materials were aligned with the latest contemporary trends, while maintaining a timeless look. In the future, the owners will be able to change the key objects that are now decorated in dark purple. The “ Oro” mosaic tiles located above and below the light wooden board balance the elegant multidimensional artwork on the perpendicular wall. The tiny toilette measuring only two square meters received sideboard and sink combo sculpted in natural stone. A large mirror covers the wall above the sideboard, while on the other wall a texturized wallpaper brings the same sophisticated shade of gray as the natural stone. [Information provided via e-mail by injy ID; Photographer: Ivan Schulze ]