For today we would like to present a breakthrough development, which unites metal and cast stone in a tile less then 2mm (~1/16”) thick! Decotal Tiles are the result of a unique patent-pending process which utilizes advanced technologies, deep material research and meticulous handcraft. Each tile is made of EPCTM (Engineered Polymer Concrete), a highly durable warm feeling material, used for the first time in tiles, which combined with a reflecting metal decoration, creates a luxurious contrasting effect.

Metal graphics are unlimited and can be custom ordered to any required shape opening the way for bespoke designs and art works. The type of metal and plating used depends on application type, specific physical and aesthetic demands. The current offer includes over 50 graphics/ patterns which can be used in sizes ranging from 200mm x 200mm up to 600mm x 600mm in a square or rectangular forms. Custom graphics/ patterns, tile sizes and stone colors are available on demand.

Thanks to their ultra-light weight and minimal thickness, Decotal tiles can be applied directly over existing tiles, eliminating the time and costs of removal. They are perfect for overlaying existing surfaces with minimal disruption and do not require sealing or any expensive maintenance other than regular cleaning with soap & water. [Photos and informtaion provided via e-mail by Adi Fainer on behalf of Decotal]