There are quite a few design tricks out there that can transform a house into a home. This ranch style residence by Stephen Moser Architect achieves the ultimate goal with elegance. Believe it or not, this Mamaroneck dwelling on the western edge of Saxon Woods Park in New York, USA was inspired by a treehouse and was originally built in the late 1950s. The use of wood slats in the detailing of both exterior and interior make the unusual crib highly welcoming.

According to the official project description, the treehouse, which the clients had built some years ago for their grandchildren “sits on stilts among the trees, and guided ideas about the redesigned house’s silhouette, orientation, interior spaces, and materials”. Highlights of the redesign include a new covered entrance supported by two tree-like steel columns and a large sloping roof that unifies the north side of the house and opens up the office and kitchen to the park. A three-sided glass family room facing the park and pool was also added. But the most spectacular extension is the second-floor master bedroom suite with extensive views. Have a look! [Photography by Michael Moran]