We wanted to make a quick announcement for those of you who follow Freshome on Facebook. A few hours ago we received a notification in Freshome admin tab that looked really strange …the message said:

Page verified has requested to take ownership of your Page. If you approve the request, Page verified will take ownership of this Page which will allow the admins of the Page verified business to manage Page roles. Accepting this request is permanent.

Below are two screen shoots of how this notification looks like.

When we first saw this notification we thought that Facebook finally decided to verify Freshome Facebook page ( more about Facebook process of verifying pages here – P.S – Facebook is very vague on how this process actually works) ..but it seems that this notification was actually a SCAM. A scam that right now left Freshome.com without a Facebook Page.

How this scam / hack actually works : Somebody ( with bad intentions ) created a fake profile with a fake username ( Verified Page ) and a very misleading profile picture ( that actually looks like the notification came from Facebook ) and asked us to take ownership of our page. Since Facebook is not clear on how this process works we didn’t know what to expect and we clicked Approve and now 1,000,000+ people who liked our page can’t access our Facebook page. It seems that the guy who took over our page unpublished the page from Facebook and right now if you try to access it you will be redirected to Facebook main page.

We’ve already reported this problem to Facebook and also noticed on Facebook Help Center that more and more people have experienced this problem today ( 1, 2, 3 ) …and more and more people start to complain about this scam in the comments section.

It seems that this scam / hack is really new and we hope that somebody from Facebook will see this message and help us have our Facebook page back and also make sure that this problem won’t happen to other page owners.

Later edit – There appeared more pages who try to steal pages and their names are : Page Verified, Page Verifier, Page Vérifiée, Verified Page

Later Edit 2 : We got our page back see how we got it back here.