A stunning estate design was exceptionally put into play by one of the top designers in Dallas, Mary Anne Smiley, and caught our attention with a collection of striking details. Colorful and expansive, the Strait Lane Estates was re-designed to suit a modern lifestyle where entertaining and relaxing go hand in hand. All spaces were imagined as if part of the owner’s life story and some were cleverly manicured with highly-customized hand-on work. For the master bedroom, the designer started from the client’s request to rest in a “unique king size bed with a tall headboard and matching night chests” and created a welcoming space that would beautifully encompass her collection of beaded and jeweled hand bags.

The cheerful breakfast room near the butler’s pantry has a vibrant feel.

Deceptively large furniture was customized with geometric playfulness and classy shine:” The face of the side cabinets and bed base are broken up with repeated horizontal sections, alternating with triple rows of over 5000 hand applied Swarovski crystal embedded in chrome strips”. The whole room is a statement of luxury, comfort and desire put into play. The master bathroom also got special attention: the leaded glass window was the only piece that remained after the remodel.

The butler party on the other side of the breakfast room.

A luminous, fresh and stylish design meant including a colored crystal flowerets chandelier to visually anchor the window in a design defined by traditional marble and mosaic tile, antiqued mirrored glass with diamond cut star bursts and sleek contemporary lines that balance the mix. Even the shower area was adorned with mosaic tiles in various sizes and textures, reflecting light as the undulating design lines remind you of soft Mediterranean waves. You might remember the inspiring walk-in-closet from our list of 30 Walk-in Closet Ideas for Men Who Love Their Image.

The billiards’s bar is not only THE place to have a drink while playing pool with friends, but it also showcases a uniquely designed bartop. Inspired by ” the collection of luminous western art in the 2 adjacent rooms that exuded color in sky and landscapes” and finding a local photographer who’s work looked strikingly similar to what the designer had in mind led to creating a unique focal point for this entertaining room. Mary Anne describes it as “A unique use of large scale photographic art printed on steel.”

A sparkling custom countertop is the kitchen’s focal point.

Another amazing place for socialization if the outdoor living area and cabana. Re-designed with white, lime, and turquoise metal furniture, new lights, TV and AV wiring and technology, displaying an updated kitchen bar and a spacious nature, the outdoor living room can comfortably accommodate parties of 8 to 12 people. “To enhance the terrace conversation area, create the soft sound of water splashing from a fountain made of a stainless steel and blue art glass sculpture mounted on a stainless pedestal fitted with water spouts. Finish the whole design with exquisite art and sculpture that lead the eye from one beautiful view to another, using well -known local artists, and add hand blown glass and other accessories in colors good enough to eat for the finishing touch!”

Is this estate close to what you find yourself dreaming about?

The service pantry shines bright while organizing everything.

A work station “floats” over a fascinating floor.

The fabulous master bed sitting area showcases a handful of admirable details.

Inviting master bedroom boasting a mirrored fireplace.

Master bedroom custom crystal bed ensemble was polished to perfection.

Head board details draw admiration.

A bed base with bragging rights.

Part of the ensemble, two stunning nightstands flank the bed.

“God is in the details”

Before photos of the master bedroom.

Product design process.

His master closet

Notice the carefully chosen details.

Heaven for anyone who loves a tie.

Enchanting powder room design.

Entry to the master bathroom.

The fabulous master bathroom.

Charming, colored crystal flowerets chandelier.

Crystal flowerets detail

Mirrored glass with diamond cut star bursts

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Undulating shower mosaic.

Bathing under the leaded glass window.

This is the Suite’s sitting area.

The boy’s room work area looks inviting.

And this is where the boys rest and play.

The boy’s bathroom is pretty awesome.

The guest bedrooms is bright and welcoming.

Billiard’s bar featuring a unique countertop.

Bar Custom Counter Top Detail

Cheery exercise room.

The amazing cabana

Cabana seating area

Cabana kitchenette.

Antique table and chairs adorning the patio.

Patio Seating Area

Manicured outdoor patio

This is how the cabana used to look before Mary Anne Smiley’s re-design.