Carefully choosing materials, colors and textures that surround you in your home can change your life choices, your day-to-day lifestyle and your mood. Brazilian architect and interior designer Diego Revollo turned a 70 square meter apartment into a fascinatingly modern place to live by imposing a classy loft design in all spaces. Vila Leopoldina Loft – as the apartment is known now – is home to an actor who got more than he bargained for.

Welcoming and classy, the home was designed with fresh materials and adorned with carefully chosen furniture and furnishings. The living space features Frank Gehry’s sculptural cardboard Wiggle Side Chair, breaking the monotony of straight lines with its undulating shape.

Vila Leopoldina Loft showcases an eye-catching mix of cement walls, ceiling and floors enhanced by the existence of purple, burgundy and yellow throughout the modern living spaces. Diego Revollo used the open floor-plan to create a contemporary design where the unusual kitchen wraps around a compact closed office space only to shape a dining room table. Curtains provide privacy as well as an open space, being the perfect choice for this type of loft. Even the bedroom and open bathroom are separated from the rest of the living spaces by only a curtain, making the space feel like a modern theater scene, where an actor would be right at home.