DPL Europe sent us photos and information regarding Villa Noord-Brabant, a modern residential project representing the ultimate fusion of lighting design and architecture, two disciplines which when in perfect harmony, complement and strengthen each other. Every aspect of the lighting design is carefully planned to emphasize the unique architectural style of this building. The deliberate choice for indirect LED light, accentuates the clean and modern lines of the villa’s exterior. Inside a spatial effect is created, by using light fixtures that give an illusion of a 3D “light-column”. The bright light columns wonderfully accentuate the height and spatiality of the building.

With a mixture of cool and warm light throughout the whole house, the combination of modern and natural materials used by the architect are accentuated. Beside this, it gives warmth to places where needed, creating cozy areas in an open space. In the Spa and Fitness area of the home, blue accents and light shining through plants were used to bring nature and water together and create a healthy and relaxing experience. The interior, exterior and lighting architecture are in complete harmony, making this villa perfect for everyone looking for comfort, health and nature, in a clean and modern setting. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by DPL Europe]