A modern private residence stands out among neighbors with enticing design lines that hint towards an upgraded comfort and relaxation level. Occupying an urban plot in Winchester, England, this new family home showcases its part dark grey brick, part cedar-cladded skin with refreshing nonchalance, hiding an inspiring inner world behind its carefully manicured facade.

Topped off with a flat overhanging roof, the home imagined by AR Design Studio is flooded with natural light through grey aluminium framed windows. The clients were looking for a fresh start and the design studio managed to create a bright, cheery place where family life can find a new meaning:”They wanted a life experience to immerse themselves in, having recently lost a daughter; a project that would give them a positive focus and a fresh start for them and their family.”

Arranged around a central garden, the floor-plan includes results of extensive research “on the connection between good architecture and its positive effects on restoring health”. Photographed by Martin Gardner, this contemporary home in England overlooks the city through an array of carefully-placed windows that unify the whole concept.

“The conceptual drive behind his house was the principle of the 3 N’s: Nature, Natural light and Natural air. The form of the replacement house is defined by four interlocking boxes, the enclosed space at their centre forms a ‘Zen’ garden, with a single olive tree at its heart. This simple layout became the foundation on which the principles of the 3N’s could be built, allowing them to be incorporated into all aspects of the design.” Reflection and contemplative moments that ease the pain and offer a brighter vision of the future through a seamless connection to nature. Architects say that “the long views inspiring the couple to look forward to the future, the courtyard giving space for inward private and reflective times. Subsequently, the house has become known as 4 Views.”