This original restaurant design is called Pracownia (which in Polish means “workshop”) because it was envisioned as a light pastiche of a painter’s studio. Colorful blobs can be spotted throughout, as the entire interior of the dining area has been splashed with paint. However, the restaurant was not designed to be a youth interior in the pop-art style, but to pay tribute to a modern and elegant lifestyle. That is why-Karina Wiciak, of Poland studio Wamhouse explained- the white and silver metal finishes are dominant.

Some of the elements in this design scheme are definitely worth mentioning. We love how the designer employed enlarged paint brushes as structural columns.Some of the pendant lamps and table tops are shaped like a painter’s color palette, a highly creative approach which will certainly bring complimentary smiles from the guests here. The most striking element is probably the paint bucket, present in the table design, pendant lamps, as well as in the bathroom- we dare you to discover their functionality in the photos below! Finally, brush ends (sticking out of a bucket placed on the tables) are used instead of the common candles or table lamps. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Wamhouse]