Rarely can we see such a sculpted royal atmosphere, so when this 9 bedroom Palm Royale luxury home became available, it definitely created a new definition for inspiration. There are homes, luxury homes and then there is this dream realm where everything your ever dreamed of materialized: it’s located at 5324 Palm Royal Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas, United States. After you get over the initial shock of seeing details of such an incredible property, you might find yourself wondering how much it costs. Something as luscious as this design masterpiece is on the market for $12,800,000.

Double gates enclose the majestic residence placed on Sugar Land’s most desired 1.7 acres. Calling this Texan dream home a house is like downgrading your own dreams: “The epitome of luxury on an epic scale, this palace features a three-storey foyer with stained glass dome, two-storey master bedroom, two huge gourmet kitchens, 24-carat gold leafing, all walls venetian plastered, intricate acanthus leaf mouldings.”

I’m sure there are many of us who’ll tell everyone this is their dream home from now on. Am I wrong?