Overlooking Holmestrand and the fjords, this seaside retreat in suburban Oslo comes with a charming appeal. Designed by Schjelderup Trondahl Architects, and photographed by Jonas Adolfsen, the single-family residence in the photos below is dramatically situated on the edge of a cliff and offers 180 degree views toward the sea to the east and a rich natural landscape to the west. Its complex form is the result of adjoining two main wings, which were bent 22 degrees to each other, in order to adapt the house to its rough terrain.

A rich variety of textures contributes to an overall welcoming feel: “The interior wooden walls and ceilings are clad with white oiled poplar plywood boards and white ash floorboards are used, introducing a light softness to the interior. The internal geometry represents necessary constructions for the cantilevered roofs in addition to defining spaces. All windows and doors are made from massive oak.” The lovely cantilevered roofs, shifting facades and spacial experiences offered here places this Norwegian retreat on our list of dream homes.