A lake shore weekend home provides a powerful dose of “spectacular” and since we need that once in a while, we yearn weekend retreats where everything is naturally dynamic. Finding new ways to express love for the future while maintaining the teachings of the past elevates the architectural scene around us. The Ski Shores Lakehouse stands as proof: a lakeshore home where its past defines the future: “the spirit of traditional Texas dogtrot-style architecture is modernly refined in this modest weekend lake house.” Resistant, locally sourced materials made their way into this lake shore weekend home’s architecture: gray Texas Lueders Limestone and Southern yellow pine shape the facade that demands more visual attention that maintenance.

Architect Stuart Sampley imagined a breezy home where the lake would naturally cool down a double-volume structure separated by an elongation of the porch. Thanks to photographs by Casey Dunn, we can see this breezeway virtually separating but visually uniting the two volumes. Tall swinging gates either open up a corridor between living volumes or provide privacy and security. In between these stone walls, an outdoor dining table secures the connection between indoor and outdoor.

Architects imagined a floor plan that served both functional and aesthetic purposes: “On one side, a sleek, modern kitchen is minimal in material but heavy on style and storage. A sunken living room— highlighted by rich warm wood underfoot — exudes comfort and is the ideal spot to escape the Texas summer heat. On the other side of the porch, cozy bedrooms balance the house, featuring big windows offering views of the Texas landscape.”

I could easily see myself dining in a welcoming breeze corridor overlooking the nearby lake. Where do you see yourself retreating during the weekend?