This family residence planned and implemented by I.R.A. is composed of a one-story house accommodating an elder family and a two-story house for a younger family. In between, the architects built a Japanese style room with a terrace. The roofs of both dwellings are smoothly connected, despite their different heights. We love this example of modern Japanese architecture, where minimalism is accompanied by a high level of originality.

Weather conditioned heavily influenced the overall design and use of materials: “Considering the effects of snow cornice and snow damages, we connected its roof and walls seamlessly with steel sheet; the walls which expose birch plywood in each room support the heavy weight of snow“, explained the architects. Curving ceilings lead to an indoor geometry based on asymmetry, which we find charming. Wooden flooring and a central chandelier make up for the minimalist approach, adding up to an inviting look. [Photography: Nobuaki Nakagawa]