Located on Hvitfeldtsgatan, a street in central Gothenburg, this Scandinavian apartment boasts a design complexity that we find mesmerizing. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem Brokerage & Interior, this lovely home is a masterpiece in terms of material use and layout. Allthough the photos below seem to depict an imposing dwelling, with plenty of living space, this crib comprises two bedrooms and a large open plan living room, where the kitchen was also integrated. Natural light enters the apartment from various windows piercing inclined walls, which makes the place particularly welcoming.

The most interesting corner of the apartment is the dining space, located in what seems to be a former enclosed balcony and personalized by a charming stone finish. Interesting mid-century details of the building stand out throughout the interiors of this beautiful home, enhancing its elegant personality. Wooden beams create great contrasts with the white plastered walls and add warmth in the social zone and bedrooms. We love the soothing good taste this place exudes and we dare Swedish interior designers to continue to surprise and bewilder us with their compromise-free work!