Despite its modern minimalism, this Warsaw duplex exhibits a powerful character, staying true to the idea that less is more. Envisioned by Hola Design, the spacious abode comprises four bedrooms, two children rooms, guest zone and a home office. The designers went for a generously-sized living space, where the kitchen was elegantly integrated. An inspiring consistency can be admired throughout the apartment, in terms of materials and color palette employed.

Two floor-to-ceiling windows ensure enough natural light for the social area, enhancing color contrasts and emphasizing the two crystal chandeliers. Access to the upper floor is ensured by an imposing wooden stairway, flanked by metal beams artistically placed on a side. The mater bedroom looks particularly welcoming, with its king-sized bed, en-suite bathroom, a slightly more cheerful color palette and an overall soothing atmosphere. The hallway on the second floor was partially filled up with printed and framed photography and we find the outcome inspiring.