How do you imagine the apartment of the future? Compact and functional? Elegant and spacious? Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab’s Changing Places team has one realistic vision on future apartment design – an innovative living space named CityHome. This concept evolves around movements and an intuitive space, where everything has its place but can easily transform its function with one gesture, a touch or even at the sound of your voice.

This innovative apartment design bends and flexes according to your needs and no heavy lifting is required. American engineers of MIT have come up with a viable solution that makes 200 square feet is enough space to live within a busy city.

This modular apartment of the future transforms with a simple hand movement. The built-in sensors, motors, and LED lights help transform the box into an “apartment in the box” including a bed, a dining room table, cooking surface, a closet, and even multipurpose storage. Captured all in one box, this space-saving solution is not only fit for small apartments but also for larger spaces that need that extra square foot. Motorized and (too) easy to use, the CityHome system is (still) just an exploration of what can be achieved with the knowledge, technology and creativity we posses. We’ve seen this idea to reshape our surrounding on Le Blog Design and just had to share it.

Do you think it is easier to live surrounded by gesture-intuitive, voice-activates flexible furniture? Tell us in the comments below.