Situated opposite to a golf course in Castellón, Spain, this single family dwelling boasts great views and surprisingly, a high level of privacy. Valencia-based Sanahuja and Partners (unfortunately, the company does not have an official website with information on other works in their portfolio) envisioned D&E House as a series of volumes created using different materials. According to the architects, these volumes “structure the house in such a way that the house and its environment constitute a continuum, with a high level of comfort and habitability. Concrete is the main material, and it is articulated with white sections, or with wood finishes”.

Photographed by Lluis Casals, the residence closes in inwardly, away from the street, and opens up towards the garden side, with views of the tree grove in the golf course. And in case these sights may one day no longer be enough for some of the inhabitants of the residence, they can always turn to the seaside landscape framed by some of the rooms. The optimum indoor-outdoor connection is a strong feature of the D&E House, a project which seems to perfectly tackle comfort and modern family living.