Pizzerias tend to be notoriously low-key. From the menu to the décor, customers don’t have to do much guesswork about what they should expect. During the day, Vienna pizzeria Disco Volante fits that bill to a tee. Most of the interior design, shown in these photographs by Lukas Schaller, is inspired by an authentic Napoli pizzeria. The oven is where things become slightly unusual.


With tiled floors, uniform wooden chairs, and blank white walls, Disco Volante appears completely ordinary at first glance. At least until your eyes pass over the large, round, mirrored pizza oven sitting to one wall. But, rather than just adding a pop of visual interest to the space, architect Lukas Galehr, a member of the design collective Madame Mohr, wanted to do something that had never been seen before.

While the pizza oven remains completely stationary during the day, all bets are off when the sun goes down. One the lights are dimmed, the oven takes after the disco balls that were its inspiration and begins to spin. From there, multi-colored strobe lights are projected on to the mirrored surface, causing pink, blue, and green, dots to splash onto the walls. At this point, otherwise minimalist backdrop of the white space aids in perpetuating the feeling of being in a nightclub.

Though this sudden change in tone may feel a bit out of left field, Disco Volante’s name, which can be loosely translated to ‘flying disk’ provides a clue for what to expect. Many guests enjoy watching the ever-changing light designs as they partake in their evening meal. But, what do you think? Is this sort of hidden-element interior design a trend that is begging to take off? Conversely, do you think that it’s too flashy to be functional?